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“How to Sell a Business” – Explaining the Meaning of Our New Logo

As the author of the following three websites, I wanted to unify the sites with a logo.

I noodled it for a long time.  Eventually, I decided the unifying theme of the three websites was “How to Sell a Business” and I needed a logo to communicate the complexity of selling a business.  That was a big breakthrough that led to the development of this logo:

How to Sell a Business logo



Selling a business is a complex process

So, how does the logo communicate “how to sell a business”?  Well, selling a business is a complex process that requires a plan.  The jigsaw puzzle communicates complexity.  Why the cube?  My thoughts were that folks might think of Rubik’s cube, which is even more complex.  At any rate, it would seem that a jigsaw puzzle cube is more complex than a flat jigsaw puzzle.

Did you notice that the cube leans forward so you can see its white square top?  That’s an intentional effort to make the top look like a checkbox.  Hopefully the checkmark reinforces the concept of a checkbox.   Again, because learning “how to sell a business” is a process that requires a lot of planning, there are numerous checklists of actions that should be accomplished along the way to successfully selling a business.


The colors behind “how to sell a business”

What about the colors?  How do they relate to “how to sell a business”?  Well, as I was thinking about a logo, I saw a public company’s new logo which I really liked and read about the meanings of their colors (purple and green).  That made me research the original colors of the How to Plan and Sell a Business website which was blue and green.  For blue, I was unable to find much that seemed applicable.  But, I discovered purple is associated with royalty – symbolizing power, nobility, luxury, and ambition.  Purple also communicates wealth and extravagance and is associated with independence, creativity, wisdom and dignity.  There couldn’t be a better description of the entrepreneurial aspects and rewards of owning a business.  In fact, I view business owners as royalty.  And a successful business sale can provide luxury and independence, two of the attributes of purple.  Of course, green conveys money and safety, both appropriate to the successful sale of a business.

So, we changed the How to  Plan and Sell a Business website to purple and green. We also renamed the free 90-issue newsletter series to “How to Sell a Business”.  I addition, Jim Stauder’s Business Exit Planning Blog was redesigned to accommodate the purple and green colors and the Biz Owner Advisors website was developed to the purple and green specifications.

Each website now incorporates the new logo and an additional checkmark within the lettering to form a part of a letter within the logo copy.  The additional checkmark helps to reinforce the concept of using checklists when learning “how to sell a business.”


Here are the three logos:

How to Plan and Sell a Business logo

final_logo_BOA cropped

Jim Stauder's Business Exit Planning Blog logo


What are your thoughts?  Do you like the logos?  Leave your comments below.


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