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75% of Businesses Never Sell

An estimated $3 trillion dollars will be “left on the table” by small business owners due to failure to plan their business exits

Business Brokers Should Know SBA 7a Loan Business Acquisition Criteria

My previous blog posting, Reconstructing Avery’s $10.4 Trillion in Business Transfers, details the assumptions and calculations supporting my estimate that the total business valuation for small businesses (which I define as 49 or less employees) is just short of $4 trillion dollars ($3.775 trillion based on my calculations).  That valuation number assumes all small business […]

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ATTN! Business Owners: Only 25% of businesses ever sell (How can we spread the news?)

Attention, can I have your attention please? Business owners, please – your attention, please. Testing 1, 2, 3. Can you hear me? Hello, anybody out there listening? I have an important message to deliver. Please, can I have your attention? Business owners: whether you can hear me or not, here’s my message: Only 25% of […]

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My Dream for Obama’s State of the Union Address (re: taxes on business sales)

(Note: I encourage you to read the previous posting in this blog to understand the full context of the implications of Taxmageddon on business sales before reading this posting. As stated in the previous posting, I did not start this blog to comment on current affairs. The need for exit planning is timeless and, for the […]

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Why I’ve Decided to Blog – 75% (or more) of Businesses Will Never Sell – That’s Why

I am passionate about small business. I truly do think small businesses are the primary driver of our national economy. But what I really love about small business are the owners. Over the course of my 35+ year business career, I’ve met all kinds of owners. Some have great business skills, some have very little […]

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